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doingbraveacts's Journal

RP Journal for smashdressing.

This is "Smash Brothers Link" I'm playing, not "Twilight Princess Link." He participated in all three Smash Bros games. His lifeline is like this:

Ocarina of Time > Majora's Mask > Super Smash Bros > Super Smash Bros: Melee > Twilight Princess > Super Smash Bros Brawl

Wind Waker/Toon Link is a different person from the future. Young Link is himself, from the past.

I operate under Eastern Standard Time. I work from Tuesday through Friday, so these will be my most active posting days. I probably won't post much, if at all, from Saturday through Tuesday. I apologize for the lengthy wait, if you've experienced it, between my work weeks. I don't have AIM readily available, but I can always be accessed by posting a comment on my journal or replying to any of my comments or posts, as it will be e-mailed to me (and I check my e-mail daily).